Friday, 8 July 2016

Friday, 25 September 2009

How I Wish to promote my act !
Aesthetics ,
I have chosen to target my band at teenagers ranging from 14-18 year old's. To promote my act i will be using social networking sites such as myspace and facebook. The fans that subscribe to the bands web page on myspace will receive an email 'be the first to know', concerning upcoming gigs and performances. Also I will be handing out flyers at local gigs.

Once my band have played a gig i will ensure that the press are there to give an interview, if not i will have my band signed up to another networking site twitter, to post statuses on there current where abouts.

I would like my band to be portrayed as a very independent, a fresh act bringing something new to the musical table. Supporting bands is also a critical aspect of becoming respected as well as gaining a higher fan base.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Think i have finally decided what music really interests me ! Its music like Regina Spektor, him and her, Meaghan Smith ! songs with real meaning and passion. most are all lovey dovey but not in a sense of throwing up ! I love the what these artist express themselves through music isn't that what every artist should be doing ? So why are they not the ones grabbing my attention ! Is suppose my taste for this REAL independent music started with a bit of Kate Nash and City and Colour. I think i am going to watch Juno again, again as my favourite sing by Regina Spektor features on it : ) , and re think the soundtrack i would like to use !
Regina Spektor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Think i may be in love with her voice !!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The bands Idology

Aesthetics - we believe that music should be easy to relate to and anchor a over all meaning. That it should set a curtain mood and take the listener on an emotional roller coaster whether this be a joyful or slightly melancholy one. Music is created for many reasons and we feel music should not be created to serve the public' needs but our own. We Feel that if we can express a curtain memory or mood through our music successfully then we have created something good no matter what the public think.

Creation of music act

Aesthetics - Formed in 2007 at university, the four members all shared a passion for music and quickly gathered a substantial number of fans. Harry, Nathan, Jack and Luke had only been together for a matter of months and had already secured a gig at their university which was open to the public as well as the campus students. The tickets, once on an Internet site sold out, and crowds filled the hall. Since playing at a number of venues close to home the band made demo CD's and gave them away at gigs. The band then decided to start a myspace page, this enabled them to upload songs which they had recorded onto a popular networking site so that there music could be listened to by a wider audience, again there fan base grew, and the songs in which the had uploaded started to be downloaded. This Alternative rock band were then approached by independent record label Lavolta Records, and were quickly signed. This lead to playing in even bigger venues like the o2 Brixton academy where the band supported 'The Arctic Monkeys'. Then the band were given another boots into musical limelight when they co hosted XFM live lounge, and later played at XFMs first winter wonderland gig. The band are now due to release there first debut single- Stitches.