Friday, 25 September 2009

How I Wish to promote my act !
Aesthetics ,
I have chosen to target my band at teenagers ranging from 14-18 year old's. To promote my act i will be using social networking sites such as myspace and facebook. The fans that subscribe to the bands web page on myspace will receive an email 'be the first to know', concerning upcoming gigs and performances. Also I will be handing out flyers at local gigs.

Once my band have played a gig i will ensure that the press are there to give an interview, if not i will have my band signed up to another networking site twitter, to post statuses on there current where abouts.

I would like my band to be portrayed as a very independent, a fresh act bringing something new to the musical table. Supporting bands is also a critical aspect of becoming respected as well as gaining a higher fan base.

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